CD Sectional Pusher
  • CD Sectional Pusher
  • CD Sectional Pusher

CD Sectional Pusher

These pushers are compatible with small skid steers, compact tractors, and small-wheel loaders. They are perfect for clearing small parking lots, sidewalks, and large driveways.

Arctic's sectional snow pushers are different from any other snow plowing implement on the United States market. They were designed by a snow plowing company to fit the needs that they saw were not being met by other snow plow options. The CD Line has a capacity of a plow much larger, while still offering the precision the sectional pushers are known for.

For anyone that is looking for a precise instrument for tough to clear places, this pusher was designed specifically for your setup, whether you are new to the snow plowing industry or not. Arctic's CD snow pusher series continues to provide the best option for contractors and companies managing estates and small plowing and snow removal contracts.

The price is an estimate. Contact us for more information and options. Used pushers may be available for a discounted price.

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South: 717-688-9803

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